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The Seminary library's original collection of nearly 30,000 volumes, in addition to its periodicals and other media resources, has, since 2011, been downsized in preparation for the relocation of the Seminary to new quarters.  An initial selection done in 2011 removed many duplicates and books not considered appropriate for the Seminary's primary purpose of theological education.  These were donated to a church in Port Charlotte, FL.  A second selection of the remaining books, conducted in early 2013, retained reference works primarily.  The rest were donated to a mission work in Haiti to be used for the training of pastors.  Because the remaining books are still packed, awaiting the preparation of the area designated for the library at the new location, the exact extent of the collection is unknown, and is not currenly available for use.

The Vern and Roberta Donzero Library, as it was known prior to the move, was made up primarily of contributions to the Seminary made over time.  These included the Whitlock Collection, given in memory of the Rev. Carlos Whitlock, who served as a Presbyterian minister for sixty years, the Jack Sanderson Collection (Christian Education), a United Methodist minister, given in honor of his service at the Pasadena Community Church in St. Petersburg, as well as the collections of Dr. Basil Jackson, the Rev. Orville Wilson, the Northeast Presbyterian Church and the Rev. Phillip Germaine, Mr. Edward Humphries, former Executive Presbyter of the Presbytery of Tampa Bay, Mr.  John Ferguson, Ms. Anne Murphy, and many others who have provided many volumes to the library. Access to other sources is made possible through the Internet.

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