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Dear Friends, Students, and Alumni of St. Petersburg Seminary and Yeshiva, I count it a great privilege, honor and responsibility to be carrying on the ministry and calling of this institution, building on the foundation of the great men who started the Seminary on this journey, Dr. Gordon Cross, Dr. Forrest Slane, Dr. Wellington Whittlesey, and Dr. Myron Miller.  All of the Seminary's academic degree programs are licensed by the State of Florida's Commission for Independent Education.  The Seminary continues to provide undergraduate and graduate programs with a high quality of instruction, both by means of classroom instruction for those who live in the Tampa Bay area, and internationally by utilizing distance learning technology, while maintaining personalized professor-student interaction.

St. Petersburg Seminary and Yeshiva's trans-denominational stance allows us to offer training to persons of every denomination.  By offering courses based on solid biblical scholarship, students are equipped with the tools necessary for ministry in every faith that honors Christ Jesus (Yeshua) as Messiah and Lord.

A key distinctive of the Seminary's curriculum, which has been a vital element since the beginning, is the Judaic studies emphasis and approach to the study of the Bible.  Jesus, the disciples, the Apostle Paul, and all of the first adherents of the new faith were, after all, Jews, steeped in the culture, traditions and world view of the Older Testament.  How may our understanding of the language, allusions, and message of the Newer Testament be enriched if not by a conscious effort to learn to look at the whole scripture, Older and Newer Testaments, through Jewish eyes?

The Seminary's programs are designed to offer those whom the Lord is calling to prepare to serve Him, the opportunity to reach his or her fullest potential through every part of the curriculum, in every degree program.  Our commitment to you is to help you achieve the goal which He has given you to become a well equipped servant-minister in His kingdom.

In His Service,

John D. Guedes, PhD


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